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Welcome to my blog! You may ooh and ahh.

This is a thing now because: The other day I posted a link to a Woot sale on Pyrex dishes, and maybe six or seven of my friends bought them. Someone said, hey, you should get paid for this. I then said, yes, yes I should. Someone else was like, hey you can be a Woot affiliate. I said, no I can’t, I don’t have a blog. And then someone else was like, Kate, you should have a blog!

And here we are. I’m a nerd. Fear my blog.


Winning the Yankee Swap

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s not a game… It IS a game and your goal is to WIN it. Be the most winningest gifter at your work or family yankee swap this year!

I take yankee swaps incredibly seriously. Yeah, a bottle of wine might be popular, and yeah, someone will probably enjoy getting tipsy from it, but it’s so boring! Put that bottle of wine in a vinderhosen wine cozy, and you’ve got yourself a winning gift and the notoriety of your peers.

Anyway, if you want to find something awesome for your company’s yankee swap party this year, proceed below to my Pinterest page for a butt-load of awesome ideas. Link below:

Kate’s Yankee Swap Ideas on Pinterest.